Rimantas Klipcius

As the Mayor of Švenčionys district I would like to invite You to visit our website where we will introduce You to our region.

Since ancient times Švenčionys has been recognized as the heart of Nalšia. There are many legends surrounding this area – so please make sure to visit the „Nalšia“ museum, which contains many valuable exhibits. It also tells you about the interesting past of this beautiful land.

The winding rivers Žeimena and Lakaja, many lakes and forests with the abundance of healing herbs, mushrooms and berries are all awaiting your visit. This is a wonderful area where you can relax and unwind. Švenčionys is a region of all seasons and its many wonders will delight every visitor.

The region boasts not only its unique nature but also the rich spirit of people. Although diverse in nationalities and religion, people here live in harmony. The region is in the midst of change and it is rapidly progressing, leaving the hardships of the transitional period behind. Many are drawn to this area to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the climate’s curative properties, which is one of the reasons for growing tourism industry in the district.

We look forward to welcoming You and ensuring that your stay with us is everything you could wish for!

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